Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conducts

We, at Insight Global Overseas Ltd. firmly believe in professionalism and ethical business practices based on the following "Code of Conduct" and Core Values:

  •  Select only technically qualified and physically fit candidates for overseas jobs.
  •  Make a sincere endeavor to select job-seekers from the Manpower Data Bank as far as practicable.
  •  Conduct of Recruitment Test and Physical Fitness Test for selection of the 'right candidates for the right posts' in the best possible manner.
  •  To conduct the Medical Fitness Test of the selected candidates for recruitment of only the healthy workers without any disease.
  •  Honor the terms and conditions of agreement/contract with the principal/employers in letter & spirit.
  •  Enter into agreement with such Employers only who will actually employ the workers and honor the terms of employment.
  •  To dispatch the workers only as per the advice of the Employers with advance intimation about the flight schedule to the Employers.
  •  To conduct the orientation and pre-recruitment & pre-departure briefing to the workers about the Terms of Employment, Labor Laws, Weather, Food Habit, Local Religious & Cultural Values etc. so that they abide by the laws and respect the cultural values of the country of employment.

The prime objective of Al-Omar Recruitment Ltd are to extend ethical, prompt and gratifying services to its principals / employers and also to the jobs-seekers.