Who We Are


I have the pleasure to introduce my organization Insight Global Overseas Ltd. as a trusted manpower recruitment agent of Bangladesh. Over the past ten years, Our Sincere and dedicated services blended with highest standard professionalism has earned global recognition, trust and confidence. Al-Omar Recruitment has its reputation in placing Professionals, Technicians, Skilled, Semi-Skilled as well as unskilled workers especially to Middle Eastern Countries. We are committed to study and understand the need of the employer carefully and then search and select the finest employees from the local human resource market abiding by rules and regulations of Bangladesh and the Government of the country of employment. In the line of process, we focus our keen attention on to the employer’s demand and requirement and the employee’s personal benefits at the same time. We are proud to be associated with the development of many countries including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and UAE. Our mission is still on. Today I am delighted to present this information brochure to you for taking a view of our success achieved in the past decade. If you are in need of manpower recruitment from Bangladesh, let us be at your service. I can assure a Professional service package, that will assist you closely, from making the paperwork till placing the workers to the site of your projects, InshaAllah, you will be satisfied.